Globetrotter Laura Morrison has travelled from Scotland to South Africa behind the wheel of a bright blue 1958 Morris Minor.

Morrison embarked on the 20 000 kilometre journey in memory of her father and in aid of cancer research.

She inherited her faithful Morris Minor, named “Charlie” from her father who lost his battle to cancer two years ago.

It was one of my dad’s dreams to drive from Aberdeen to Cape Town and he never got to do that because he passed away from cancer two years ago.— Laura Morrison, traveller

The journey began in Aberdeen, her father’s birthplace, in June last year and ended in Mother City over the weekend.

The New Zealander documented her experience along the way and successfully managed to raise $32 000 (R444 000) for the Cancer Society Research Division.

It’s a cause that’s close to my heart. There’s no one these days that you talk to that hasn’t been affected by cancer or had a loved one affected. It was my way of making a small difference.— Laura Morrison, traveller

Morrison opened up about her adventures on the road and what she’s learnt from the life-changing experience.

I had so many problems and broke down on the road so many times, but there was always somebody there to help me.— Laura Morrison, traveller

Visit the Morri 2 Africa Facebook page and the website for more.

Listen to hear more about her inspiring journey with Pippa Hudson:

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