Going home are you? Let me tell you a funny story.

About two years ago we realised that we’ve been away from our home country for too long, So we decided to book four tickets, ten months in advance, to finally go back to South Africa for a long overdue visit. I’ve never really given it much thought though. I mean, I left for a reason and I was happy and content to just do my work, care for my family and converting to the British way of life.  My wife and I had the discussion and we decided that it is time to go back to visit friends and family.

Planning involved having a place to stay, a rental car and enough spending money to do what we want to. Thanks to a generous donation from my in laws that part was taken care of. We still had to dig into some of our own finances for the flights and they were not cheap. Considering that all the little things also adds up I didn’t really consider getting travel insurance or anything like that, but it just so happened that I had travel insurance that I got with my Lloyds bank account. Not that I thought I would actually need it. I have since came across a another great company that will take care of you and your belongings when you travel. World Nomads.

The holiday was absolutely amazing. Myself, having seen the darker side of our great country, was extra careful. Britain is a fairly safe country and can make you become complacent about your security. I was not, but being an idiot can also be a bad thing. We went to go visit friends in Strand, Western Cape. One our favourite places in South Africa and also where we are from. It being December and crayfish season was looming we decided to go diving a few weekends in a row to stock up on the beloved Western Cape Rock Lobster. I made quite a few friends in the UK and I didn’t always think they believed the sort of lifestyle we lived in South Africa. I really wanted to document as much adventures as possible. Including the underwater scenery of Pringle Bay’s great diving spots. So I decided that I will take my brand new iPhone 7 Plus (Red Limited Edition) with me into the water. After all, it was suppose to be waterproof. (Water resistant actually) I’ve also put my spectacles inside my wetsuit so that when I come out of the water I can easily put them on again. My eye site is pretty bad. Ten minutes into the water I suddenly feel a rush of cold water on my back. My wetsuit zip have slid down and not thinking about it I zipped myself back up and continued with the hunt. Happily taking some videos and pictures with my awesome underwater iPhone 7 Plus (Red Limited Edition).

After I have dived my quota I made my way back to shore, only to discover that my glasses were no longer where I have put them. With a pit in my stomach I realised what happened. They fell out when my wetsuit zip came loose. There was no way I would be able to find it again. After reviewing the footage I took I discovered that my brand new iPhone 7 Plus (Red Limited Edition) had no sound. If that didn’t make me cry the next news almost did. Three of my four crays was under size and I had to throw them back. What a day. The food was great though! Between the four of us who dived we had enough to go around. The weekends after that went well and we were feasting on lobster all through December.

After arriving back in the UK, I decided to reach out to my Lloyds insurance company. Not that I had any hope because I had Travel Insurance Cover. Not Idiot Cover. To my surprise they refunded me all the money I paid for my new specs, and they also sent me a brand new iPhone 7 Plus…yes! A Red Limited Edition. How amazing is that!

So to answer my own question. Is travel insurance worth it? Yes. For a tiny amount, you get cover for all that is valuable to you. You never know what might happen. Rather be safe than sorry. Protect yourself not just from thieves but also from yourself. Accidents happen. Even if the accident is you. I’ve take some great shots though! Hahaha

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