I landed at Tullamarine Airport in Melbourne back in August 2018. Jetlagged and dazed, my wife and two children who came a month ahead of me, met me at Arrivals and drove me 35 km to where she has arranged temporary lodging for us. For some reason I can still not remember what time it was when we drove off, I remember it was dark though. Totally sleep deprived I almost passed out immediately, only to wake 3 hours later, wide awake.

We rented a small double story apartment in Mordialloc. I now say it was small, but just arriving from the UK it seemed immense. I made my way downstairs, took out my phone and I immediately started applying for work. I received my first phone call a few hours later. I have not even been in the country for 24 hours and I was already scheduling interviews.

Now you might read these first few paragraphs wondering what my angle is. So, let me rewind a little. Four years in fact. We were living in Strand, South Africa. My wife just got a job offer in the UK and we started planning the tedious mission of selling all our belongings and getting ready to set ourselves completely out of our comfort zone. A few months after preparations started, we departed from Cape Town International Airport and landed 18 hours later at Heathrow Airport in London. This all might sound like a fairy tale to you and in some ways for us it was. My wife started working a week after that and I became the primary caretaker for our two-year-old son. I had so many hopes of getting a UK based business off the ground, after all, it worked for me in South Africa, but our savings soon ran out and was replaced by hard cold reality. I needed a job. One week became one month and soon that 1 month became three. We moved from my in-law’s house in London to our own little rental in Hampshire. The bills started rolling in and so did the pressure. With little in terms of qualifications, I struggled to get an interview anywhere. So, I did what all desperate fathers are supposed to do. I hit the streets…dressed in a pair of jeans, a suit jacket I borrowed from my Father in law and a CV in my hand. I handed them out almost everywhere. I was a foreigner. Unqualified, but well experienced. Four months after our arrival in the UK I finally got a job offer as a technical manager at a mobile network store. The store manager, also a foreigner, immediately had a liking in me and he needed someone with my skillset. After that my career in the UK snowballed and I left 3 years later. Giving up a great position as IT Manager for a prestige school in Surrey. Why would anyone leave all that behind? Why for Australia of course!

I decided this time around, that I will not allow my children to go through all that again. I was locked and loaded and determined to provide for my family. No use moping around the house hoping the Good Lord will bless you with mana from the sky. This is a cut-throat time to be hunting for work and if you want the prize you need to go and get it.

Welcome to Australia.

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